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For the land,
for our rights
and for a better future.

Donate today

Join this network of efforts: our lawyers, collaborators, partners, fellow organizations. Sow seeds of hope and you can make a difference too.

Be part of our team.

At DAN we have been in this fight for almost 20 years, solving complex crossroads. Thank you for joining this cause. We will continue working.


We are an authorized donee institution, and we work very hard to have donations clear and keep our finances in order. We fully comply with the current tax legislation, and for each donation we issue a tax-deductible receipt.


Help us provide legal advice

and tools to communities seeking environmental justice and living in

balance with Nature.

Help us create

With your support, we enforce the law and participate in

decision-making processes that protect our right to a healthy environment.

Defend your


We will be monitoring and taking measures so that development in the region does not risk the delicate balance of this world

natural heritage.

Protect the
Sea of Cortez

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