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20 years advocating for Nature

DAN is a Non-Profit Organization. Since its inception in 2004, DAN´s main purpose has been to protect the environment, wildlife, and the human right to a healthy environment.


During our 20 years of operation, we have identified the increasing need for legal support for environmental protection and for strengthening conservation initiatives in Northwest Mexico. Working with a committed group of public interest environmental lawyers and men and women with a multidisciplinary background committed to defending nature, DAN has succeeded in protecting ecosystems, landscapes, local communities, environmental human rights and wildlife in Northwest Mexico.

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General Objectives

1. Participation in decision-making processes that have an impact on the environment, Natural Protected Areas, Wildlife, environmental human rights and priority ecosystems for conservation.


2. . Capacity building for local communities & partners.


3. Exercising our right for transparency, access to public information

and accountability.

4. Legal defense of environmental rights,

Natural Protected Areas, Wildlife and

priority ecosystems for conservation.


5. Legal advice to local communities and partners on topics such as: Human Rights, Transparency, Access to Information, Wildlife Protection

and Climate Justice.


Time line

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