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Climate Justice

Climate justice in its substantive component is the right to a healthy environment and the protection of the climate system - for the benefit of both humans (present and future generations) as well as the ecosystems, organisms, and species with which we share the planet-  through the stabilization of greenhouse gases concentrations in the atmosphere to such a level to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.

Climate Justice in its procedural component is the effective access to judicial and/or administrative procedures, in order to demand the compliance, respect and protection of the right to a healthy environment, a stable climate and a healthy atmosphere. 

At the end of 2019, we gave voice and a platform to Mexican youngsters who filed a constitutional lawsuit demanding the Mexican government to comply with the obligations arising from the General Law on Climate Change, as well as the commitments acquired in the global stage to face the climate crisis. The lawsuit filed by these youngsters was the first of its kind in our country.

Justicia Climática
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Legal actions

Learn how Mexico is perceived at an international level; who were the authorities sued, what are the demands required from them and how they have responded to determine whether or not they have complied with their obligations so far.

Obligations of the federal government towards Climate Change

Understand the Climate Change commitments that Mexico has acquired as specified in the General Law on Climate Change.


Climate Justice in the media

Youths express firsthand the importance that this Climate Justice Initiative

has for them.

Climate Chance
Communication Report

Read about our presence in the media.

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The controversial Netflix documentary in which our partners from Our Children's Trust told the journey of children and teenagers who filed legal actions against the United States government.

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In the conclusions of this documentary, mention is made of our own efforts and achievements.

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